3rd PhD school NaToxAq

Photo from livingtours.com
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Photo from livingtours.com

The 3rd PhD school of NaToxAq is arranged by CSIC, and will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 4-12 February 2019.

Draft of schedule (detailed program to follow):

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  • S6 'Screening natural toxins: biological techniques and biosensors in combination with advanced mass spectrometry techniques' (CSIC), 3 ECTS
  • S7 'Transport and advanced modelling of organic contaminants in soils, sediments and aquifers' (SU), 3 ECTS
  • S8 'Tools for pollution control and mitigation of streams, lakes and ground water' (UCPH), 3 ECTS
  • C5 'Project leadership and management' (MUC), 3 ECTS

Join our Water Workshop (stakeholder meeting): See the program

See more info regarding the content of the courses here.

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For more information contact Dr. Marinella Farre (mfuqam@cid.csic.es)

Registration is open for external PhD students. Contact Project Manager Kristine Kirkensgaard (krki@plen.ku.dk) for more information.