26 August 2019

Lupin field harvested – Agroscope, Zurich

Written by Jawameer, Carina, Xiaomeng and Daniel

Friday 9th of August, lupins werer harvested in Agroscope field. The overall product was 180 kg per 0.2 hector. During Lupin growth, we have monitored plant growth-morphology and collected soil and water samples. We had sampled soil in two depths; topsoil and subsoil. ISCO auto-sampler used to collect water from the drainage system in the field, which we can explain the leaching of toxins with water-flow from the drainage. In addition, suction-cups were installed to sample soil-water in three depth; topsoil (10 cm), within the roots of Lupin (30 cm) and under the roots (70 cm). During the period, we were able to catch two rain events, and performing one artificial irrigation.

The field after harvesting.

At the moment, there is a lot of sample preparation is going on, which hopefully can explain the fate of toxins from Lupin in agricultural field scale.

Thanks again for the great support we received from all our colleagues in the Environmental Analytics Group and the Field Staff at Agroscope