14 March 2018

NaToxAq in Zürich

Network Meeting

It has been three months since our last network meeting within the ESRs focussing on toxic plants and plant toxins and a lot has happened in the meantime. Thus, on 12th and 13th of March, nine ESRs and a few consortium members got together in Zürich to further discuss how to find the best way through the wilderness of toxic plants and plant toxins.

by Carina Schönsee (ESR9)

The meeting was held at Agroscope Reckenholz in Zürich and attended by nine ESRs (Inés Rodríguez Leal (ESR1), Xiaomeng Liang (ESR2), Bettina Gro Soerensen (ESR4), Mulatu Yohannes Nanusha (ESR5), Vaidotas Kiselius (ESR7), Jawameer Hama (ESR8), Carina Schönsee (ESR9), Daniel B. Garcia Jorgensen (ESR10), Natasa Skrbic (ESR13) and Barbara Guenthardt (working on plant toxins at Acroscope)) as well as three consortium members (Lars Holm Rasmussen (supervisor UCPH), Bjarne Strobel (supervisor UCPH) and Thomas Bucheli (supervisor Agroscope)).

We discussed many important topics including:

  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Toxin/Plant Prioritization
  • Development of the Toxic Plants/Plant Toxin Database
  • Practical Issues of Sampling & Analytics

Xiaomeng (ESR2), Daniel (ESR10), Lars Holm Rasmussen as well as Bjarne Strobel gave very intersting presentations to trigger the discussion. It was great to hear about the progress of the others in the project, share their excitement about first findings and talk about where and how we can better work together towards the big goals of NaToxAq. We certainly had a very fruitful meeting with lots of discussions but also lots of fun. The first day of the meeting was closed with a joint dinner in the city with typical swiss food (loads of cheese ;) ) enjoyed by all.

On the second day, our time was fully dedicated to the planning of a field trial at Agroscope in 2019. Read more about this in the news story written by Jawameer (ESR8).