26 November 2018

The network of NaToxAq is great! Just use it

Soil samples

NaToxAq network is great; it helped us to have soil samples from different places of Europe

Written by Jawameer Hama (ESR8)

For our fate experiments, we needed soils from Europe, therefore we have asked the ESRs in the NaToXaq network to provide us soils from their location and other places that they know.

With a great favor, Bettina Gro Sørensen (ESR4), Carina Schönsee (ESR9) and Barbara Kubíčková (ESR14) were happy to help and provide us the soil. Also Vaidotas Kisielius (ESR7) helped us to provide soils while he was on sampling complain for his PhD project.  Now we have eight different soils from Europe: one soil from west of Europe, two soils from central Europe, two soils from east Europe, and three soils from Scandinavian countries.  Many thanks for Thomas Bucheli, Jakub Hofman and Milan Sáňka for their comments and help.

Many thanks for all who cooperated with us and for NaToxAq network!