20 March 2018

Lupin Field Experiment at Agroscope – Zürich

Written by ESR8 Jawameer Hama Rasool

Photo credit: Carina Schönsee

On the second day of Zürich meeting, 13th of March, I talked about the plan to cultivate Lupin in the field at Agroscope – Zürich, in 2019.

We agreed that in April 2019 we launch the project and study Lupin growth and toxin emission in the field. In the meeting, a preliminary timeline, the field (location and size), preparation before 2019, collaborations and expectation were discussed. We have planned to contribute to the project as analysing Quinolizidine Alkaloids (QA) by Jawameer Hama (ESR8), characterization of QAs by Carina Schönsee (ESR9), modelling of fate of QAs by Daniel Garcia Jorgensen (ESR11) and non-target approach by Xiaomeng Liang (ESR2). Also the contribution is open for other ESRs that want to join later.

After a visit to the field, we planned to divide the field into two subplots. Different species of Lupin will be grown in each subplot, as each subplot has its own pipe for drainage system.

Thomas, Xiaomeng, Bettina, Mulatu, Jawameer, Carina, Daniel, Natasa, Barbara, Daniela