6 December 2017

Frankfurt meeting – toxins selection


On 27th November, in the NaToxAq network we had meeting in Frankfort, that organized by Helmholtz UFZ research group.

Written by ESR8 Jawameer Hama

In the meeting, we have talked about the current statues of our project and the
outcomes (read more about the meeting here). There were feedbacks and suggestion from supervisor and ESRs for all projects. I had very useful feedbacks and imputes for my project.

In the program, I have participated by giving a presentation on ‘’Toxin Selection- Alkaloids’’, where I have talked about how I have chosen alkaloids as selected toxins in my project. We have very little information on natural toxins; it is not easy to expect their fate in environment or aquatic environment. One of the ways is compare the physical and chemical properties of the natural toxins with similar compounds (could be pesticide or pharmaceuticals) that already we know their properties and fates
Also we have planned several temporary working groups in order to achieve the common goal in the network for prioritization of toxins and plants, water types. Most importantly we have made a group for making experimental field on Lupin at Agroscope.