11 October 2018

Training event

Training event

From September 25 to 26 a delegation of teachers and students of University College Copenhagen and University of Copenhagen participated in a training event in the European Headquarter of Agilent Technologies in Waldbronn, Germany

by Vaidotas Kisielius (ESR7) and Xiaomeng Liang (ESR2)

A group of bachelor students, lecturers, laboratory technicians, a PhD student (ESR7), a head of education from University College Copenhagen and a PhD student from University of Copenhagen (ESR2) participated in an event organised for learning the most recent laboratory techniques directly from the specialists that develop them.

The visiting programme was established based on the surveys made in the section of Education of Laboratory Technicians in University College Copenhagen by Vaidotas Kisielius (University College Copenhagen) and Michael Rodamer (Agilent Technologies). As a result the participants took advantage of meeting the Agilent experts with a wide range of different expertise and competences. The technology developers volunteered in presenting the most recent concepts in liquid chromatography method development and trouble shooting. Afterwards the participants were introduced to Agilent Intuvo new gas chromatography hardware and software concept, were taught about its essence and had a chance to do simple tasks with it.

The delegation visited assembling lines of the factory of liquid chromatography equipment, investigated demonstrational laboratory and explored virtual laboratory. The assembling factory in Waldbronn is the only factory in the world producing Agilent liquid chromatography elements (besides chromatographic columns). The demonstrational laboratory is designed to introduce to its visitors the analytical techniques and demonstrate how their combinations work for different scientific and analytical applications. The virtual laboratory is a concept under development that is being designed for the future, wherein its users can control robotic arms in a laboratory by wearing virtual reality glasses and sticks and manage certain laboratory tasks remotely from home or from office.

In addition the participants learned about the corporation, the basic perceptions of its management and everyday work. The company provided an internship for ESR7. Collaboration with this important developer and manufacturer of analytical instruments will continue in the coming years as forthcoming annual excursions and internship of ESR2 are planned.