19 September 2019

Training event in Agilent Technologies

Written by Vaidotas Kisielius (ESR7)

In 16-17 of September, a group of students, lecturers, laboratory technicians and PhD students from University College Copenhagen participated in a training event at European Headquarter of Agilent Technologies in Waldbronn (Germany). The NaToxAq partner organisation Agilent Technologies created the event for teaching the most recent analytical chemistry techniques directly from the specialists that developed them. The program comprised interactive training about development of analytical methods, exploration of the production sites of analytical instruments, demonstrations of applications of the most novel solutions, introduction to values and management of the company.

NaToxAq beneficiary University College Copenhagen is visiting Agilent Technologies every year. Last year the company provided a successful internship for a joint PhD student Vaidotas Kisielius (ESR7). Collaboration with this important developer and manufacturer of analytical technologies is expected to successfully continue since a secondment of Xiaomeng Liang (ESR2) and valuable training events are foreseen in 2020.