25 September 2017

Training event at Agilent Technologies in Waldbronn, Germany.

Training event

From 13 to 14 of September, a mixed group of students, lecturers, laboratory technicians and ESR7 (Vaidotas Kisielius) from the Metropolitan University College (METROPOL) in Copenhagen participated in a training event in the European Headquarter of Agilent Technologies situated in Waldbronn, Germany. The excursion was organized by senior associate lecturer Lars Holm Rasmussen (Metropol) and Dr Michael Rodamer from Agilent Technologies - one of the NaToxAq partners.

The participants took advantage of meeting the Agilent experts with a wide range of different experiences and interactively learned about the most recent breakthroughs in sample quality controls with the Agilent Bioanalyer and TapeStation, innovations in protein analysis with Agilent LC/MS and general improvements of user friendliness of equipment utilized in everyday laboratorial analytical chemistry.

The METROPOL delegates had the unique opportunity to explore the assembly factory of HPLC analytical units and learned about management, problem-solving and even recruitment opportunities directly from the leading managers of the company. Guided by the application specialists, the delegation could explore the Agilent Demo Lab and learned about the most recent and the future technologies of the particular analytical tools that any visiting member could have been interested in.

METROPOL has visited Agilent Technologies annually since 2015. Collaboration with this important developer and manufacturer of analytical instruments will continue in the coming years, as it will become a secondment place of ESR7 in 2018. Excursions are also planned for the coming years.

1. Part of the delegation in the Agilent demo lab. Picture by Michael Rodamer