29 September 2018

ESR4 and ESR7 at the 10th International Symposium for Poisonous Plants


ESR4 and ESR7 attended the 10th International Symposium for Poisonous Plants on 16-20th September 2018

Written by Bettina Gro Sørensen (ESR4) and Vaidotas Kisielius (ESR7)

Every 3 to 5 years, researchers working on poisonous plants worldwide share their research at the International Symposium for Poisonous Plants. This year, the conference was held in St. George, Utah; organized by the Poisonous Plant Lab, Logan, Utah. The audience and presenters were largely focused on veterinarian aspects, but also a few working within food chemistry and control of herbal remedies attended. The environmental aspects of plant toxins were contributed by the NaToxAq early stage researchers (ESRs) Vaidotas Kisielius and Bettina Gro Sørensen.

The program included three days of presentations and one day of excursion. The presentations touched upon various toxins, e.g. ergot alkaloids, photosensitizing by glucosinolates and isolation and identification of compounds causing e.g. liver damage and spontaneous abortions in livestock. The excursion brought the participants to various sites, demonstrating plants with toxins of concern for livestock management.

Figure 1. Excursion: Local range managers and poisonous plant experts introduced the conference participants to poisonous plants of concern

ESRs 4 and 7 attended with poster presentations, which sprouted valuable discussions. The NaToxAq project was further introduced by a handout, made for the occasion, which can be used by fellow researchers in the future.

Figure 2. Vaidotas Kisielius and Bettina Gro Sørensen presenting their work

Overall, attendance at the conference was very fruitful: The NaToxAq project was presented for a wider audience and ESRs 4 and 7 gained valuable experience, knowledge and contacts for further collaborations.

The next International Symposium for Poisonous Plants is expected to be held in Lyon, France, in 2021/ 2022.