5 June 2018

Looking back at my first year PhD trip

by Mulatu Nanusha (ESR5) 

It’s almost a year since I started my PhD journey. Since September 2017, I have encountered several milestones on my 10 month trip. Each of them leave their own positive and negative spots.  Several months were devoted for equipping myself through literature surveys, attending courses and participating in training on data treatment software’s and techniques as well as preparing legs for my PhD work to make it stand firmly and walk through the upcoming years.

I attended NaToxAq network meeting on prioritization of plant toxin in Frankfurt (Germany) and Zürich (Switzerland), from which I obtained valuable input for my work. In the meeting, we updated each other on the progress of our work and got valuable feedback from supervisors.

Lastly, life as PhD student is going well with a lot of highlights and lowlights. Soon, I will be attending the second summer school in Scarborough, UK where I look forward to refresh and share experiences with colleagues. Hope we will have a lot of fun.