24 July 2017

How do you feel being a Marie Curie Ph.D. ?

by ESR3 Massimo Picardo
Hi ESRs, It's 4 months more or less (someone has yet to start) that we started with our Ph.D. program in this NaToxAq project, it's time to give some feedback.

I'm Massimo and I'm Ph.D. at the CSIC Catalunya in Barcelona. I live in Barcelona since February and I have started my Ph.D. in April. How was the nation changing? How is living two or more hours flight away from home? What are the most frightening questions when we came here? How was the nation changing? How was it going to live two hours flight away from home? Will I be able to handle this new experience? Barcelona has always fascinated me as a city, life, people, art, customs, parties. The Marie Curie in NaToxAq project has allowed me to live this city but especially to understand how it was to live in another state far away from home. At this time I feel happy where I am and what I am doing. When I started my Ph.D. I spent a few weeks trying to figure out how the lab works, knowing my colleagues and integrating myself into the lab life. I like it. They have always been very kind, especially my coordinators who have always been extremely helpful in resolving any of my organizational and bureaucratic problems. Since I joined this experience I'm learning a lot. I'm learning how to handle work, have a critical and scientific attitude, and how to organize myself. My dream has always been to attend a doctoral program because I always wanted to become a researcher, and this project is helping me to realize this dream. It must be said that it is not easy, the project takes a lot of time and so much dedication, summer school, homework, congresses, seminars, take a long time to research, but I think we should look at it from a different point of view. These are all opportunities to learn about students who, like me, are playing a different role in the same project and that they can teach me something like I can teach them. We can learn new things between us. I feel satisfied with the path I am doing. I hope that what I have said is shared by other ESRs in the rest of Europe. 

That's all for now.
See you soon in Helsingoer !!!