News from ESR3

The PhD program is finally over.

Unfortunately, the project has also come to an end and with the final discussion that I held on February 4th also my journey with the naToxAq group. The final thesis was titled "Suspect screening of natural toxins in surface water reservoirs" and was discussed for over two hours with members of the court Dr Yolanda Picó, Dr Mercé Granados and Dr Begoña Espiña.  The discussion took place in the first step of the presentation of the articles sent to journals with a high impact index and the related results. The second part, on the other hand, was dedicated to the questions posed by the members of the commission. In general, it was extremely interesting and nice to see how the things learned over the last 4 years have been useful in answering the questions comprehensively.  As a final evaluation, I got the maximum with honours. It was great to see some of the other fellows from the project. It was also very emotional as I was aware that it would be one of the last times to see each other. I thank everyone for the beautiful day, for the congratulations and for the good times we had during this project.

I hope to see you again even if we are going to take different careers.