ESR15 Bilal Tariq

Project: Land cover mapping – plant toxin production and impact of policy

Principal supervisor: Dr. Carmel Ramwell

Intro to project:

Bilal will seek to establish the spatial coverage of land cover relevant to natural toxin production, and in relation to water bodies. The plan is to conduct a high-level review of GIS riskassessment tools to gain a broad understanding of the different approaches and to identify the approach that will be most suitable for the current project given the availability of data. He will
seek to include measurements of the biomass of the vegetation and will identify likely land cover changes of vegetation as influenced by policy and/or other drivers. This information will be used to develop contrasting scenarios of land use which will then be used to predict the impact of these drivers on potential toxin contamination of drinking water sources in close collaboration with ESR16 using the information from their database. Bilal  will actively collaborate with all the other ESRs to integrate the findings of the project overall.