Newsletter April 2019

It has been a while since our last newsletter because we have been busy preparing and following up on our Midterm Review Meeting and the 3rd PhD school. The meeting was hosted by CSIC (Dr. Marinella Farré) and took place 4-12 February in Barcelona.

It was a great experience to meet with our Project Officer and External Expert. We were also very happy to finally welcome the last two fellows, Bilal Tariq and Ellie Stone, to our NaToxAq family. Below you find (among other things) a joined news story made by the fellows to describe the main activities of the meeting in Barcelona, and a news story presenting the two new fellows.

Our next training event will be the 4th PhD school in Leipzig on 3-8 June 2019. This event will contain four different courses.  See more here.

Coordinator leaving the project! We are very sad to announce that Prof. Hans Chr B. Hansen will leave the project from 1st of July 2019. After long considerations he has decided to make a drastic turn in his life and persue a career within farming in Sweden.

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New faces in the NaToxAq family. We have recruited Bilal Tariq from Pakistan for position ESR15 and Ellie Stone from Australia for position ESR16 - both at Fera, UK.

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All the fellows wrote a joined news story about the 3rd PhD school and Midterm Review meeting in Barcelona. Read about the activities and excursions and see the nice statements from the fellows.

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Many of the Partner Organizations gave inspiring presentations at a Water Workshop during the PhD school in Barcelona. Among these were Prof. Juergen Kolb telling about degradation of toxins utilizing plasma. Marcel Schneider (ESR12) here describes this technology which he learned during a secondment in Prof Kolb's group.

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Check out all upcoming conferences and other events that NaToxAq recomments in our event calendar

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Don't miss 'Toxin of the week' - this week about caffeine. Take a closer look at the active ingredient’s chemistry and toxicology. The story is written by Barbara Kubíčková (ESR14)

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  • Kubíčková, B.; Babica, P.; Hilscherova, K.; Šindlerová, L. Effects of Cyanobacterial Toxins on the Human Gastrointestinal Tract and the Mucosal Innate Immune System. Preprints 2019, 2019030231
  • B Kubickova, P Labohá, J-P Hildebrandt, K Hilscherová, P Babica  (2019): Effects of cylindrospermopsin on cultured immortalized human airway epithelial cells. Chemosphere 220 Pages 620-628
  • Massimi Picardo, Daría Filatova, Óscar Núñez, Marinella Farré (2019). Recent advances in the detection of natural toxins in freshwater environments. Trend on Analytical Chemistry. Volume 112, Pages 75-86.
  • Janssen, E.M.-L. (2019) Cyanobacterial peptides beyond microcystins – A review on co-occurrence, toxicity, and challenges for risk assessment, Water Research, Volume 151, Pages 488-499

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