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Newsletter May 2018

We are now getting close to the 2nd PhD school arranged by NaToxAq, and we are busy getting the final details to fall into place. The full program is now available and the fellows and teachers have access to further info via our internal communication platform Absalon (see more below). The summerschool this year is hosted by Fera (Dr. Carmel Ramwell) and takes place at The Royal Hotel, Scarborough, UK. During the summerschool we will visit Yorkshire Water and get informed about how a big water supplier manage Bracken in relation to water quality.

Summer means field sampling. Many of our ESRs are busy sampling plants, soils and water. A focus at our meeting in Scarborough will be data on new natural toxins, analytical approaches, extending databases on natural toxins in Europe.

On 12th and 13th of March, nine ESRs and a few consortium members got together in Zürich to further discuss how to find the best way through the wilderness of toxic plants and plant toxins (see more below).

A large part of the consortium also gathered for SETAC on 13-17 May, and was arranging session 4.07 'Natural Toxins and Harmful Algal blooms. Reed more about SETAC here and make sure to check out the news story written by the fellows below.

From 13-17th May, the 28th Annual SETAC Europe Meeting took place in Rome. Five fellows tell about their experiences there.

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Fellow Massimo Picardo (ESR3) gives a resumé of the first year as a Marie Curie Fellow.

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On 12th and 13th of March, nine ESRs and a few consortium members got together in Zürich to further discuss how to find the best way through the wilderness of toxic plants and plant toxins. ESR9 Carina Schönsee has written about the meeting. 

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On the second day of the Zürich meeting, 13th of March, ESR8 Jawameer Hama Rasool talked about the plan to cultivate Lupin in the field at Agroscope. The day also included a field trip.

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The quarterly institutional RECETOX Newsletter recently featured an article introducing NaToxAq.

Besides giving an overview of the scope of the project in general, the work of the Brno-based researchers is presented to the broader scientific public.

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The 2nd PhD school arranged by NaToxAq will take place next month in Scarborough, UK, 9-15 June. It will include the courses C4 ‘Academic writing’ and S5 ‘Risk assessment of organic chemicals and application to natural toxins’. The program is now available.

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On Friday 6th April 2018, Carina Schönsee (ESR9) and Regiane Sanches Natumi (ESR10) presented their work at the annual IBP PhD Congress at ETH Zurich.

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Being PhD student means being multi-functional creative and adaptive to the new circumstances. Here Daria Filatoca (ESR6) shares one facet of the multifunctionality, which is laboratory practice.

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Our homepage will advertise for many different events which are not all arranged by NaToxAq, but which have relevance for our project. See all events here. If you want your event added to our website, please contact us (see contacts below).

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