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Newsletter February 2018

NaToxAq is now about one year into the project. The last fellow is now on board and will start March 2018. All the other fellows are at full speed, progressing well and with enthusiasm and taking initiatives to organize meetings and workshops to harvest the team work opportunities of NaToxAq - see more below.

2018 will be our first year with many field sampling campaigns which together with a bunch of new analytical methods will open up for new insight on natural toxin flows in ecosystesms.

On 13-17 May a large part of the consortium will be gathered for SETAC, and is arranging session 4.07 'Natural Toxins and Harmful Algal blooms. Reed more about SETAC here.

The next training event arranged by NaToxAq will take place in Scarborough, UK, in June (see more below).

ESRs and supervisors working within NaToxAq on emerging plant toxins and distribution met in Frankfurt on the 27th November 2017 in order to coordinate and collaborate regarding the research. ESR4 Bettina Sørensen has written about the meeting.

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The 2nd PhD school arranged by NaToxAq will take place in Scarborough, UK, 9-15 June. It will include the courses C4  ‘Academic writing’ and S5  ‘Risk assessment of organic chemicals and application to natural toxins’.

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Fellow ESR9 Carina Schönsee has written the news story 'Learning from other disciplines – visit of Novartis’ PhysChem Lab'

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Read about the encounter between Analytical Chemistry (ACES) from Stockholm University, and the Department of Environmental Chemistry (UCHEM) from EAWAG. Written by ESR 1 Inés Rodríguez Leal and ESR10 Regiane Sanches Natumi

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ESR11 Daniel Garcia Jorgensen has written about the field trips and experiments performed during the first months of this PhD in Denmark.

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Follow ESR5 Mulatu Nanusha during the start of his PhD in Leipzig and during water sampling from Franconian Saale River in Germany

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Publications from NaToxAq

  • Bucheli TD, Strobel BW, and Hansen HCB (2018) Personal Care Products Are Only One of Many Exposure Routes of Natural Toxic Substances to Humans and the Environment. Cosmetics, 5, 10; doi:10.3390/cosmetics5010010

Publications will be updated continously here

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Our homepage will advertise for many different events which are not all arranged by NaToxAq, but which have relevance for our project. See all events here. If you want your event added to our website, please contact us (see contacts below).

Remember to check out 'Toxin of the week' for new stories.



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