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Newsletter June 2017

Dear all

Welcome to the first Newsletter from the NaToxAq Marie Curie ITN consortium. We are now set for our pioneering journey into the world of natural toxins. We are the first larger team ever to study natural toxins as environmental contaminants and how this may affect drinking water quality. We will publish our newsletter every third month where you will find details about our progress, top news, meetings, courses, people, new initiatives and more. Further information can be found at our homepage ( Over the coming 3.5 years 15 NaToxAq PhD students will be working on providing substantial insight on which plant and algal toxins are out there, state-of-the art analytical methods for their determination, distribution in time and space, and the many processes that affect natural toxin trajectories from biosynthesis to their possible occurrence in a drinking water reservoirs and in tap water. Follow our tour by signing up for the newsletter.  

Coordinator, Prof. Hans Christian Bruun Hansen

Recruited: 14 of the 15 fellows have been selected

Vacant position as Early Stage Researcher (ESR) at Fera, UK

14 Early Stage Researchers have been recruited for the NaToxAq project. These are 8 females and 6 males originating from 11 different countries. 

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We have a vacant position as ESR (PhD student) on a project entitled 'Predicting the contribution of natural toxins to chemical mixtures in drinking water sources'

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Registration is open for NaToxAq's 1st PhD school

NaToxAq get-together in Zurich

NaToxAq is arranging the first network wide training event in Helsingør, Denmark from 23-September to 3-October 2017. The PhD school is open for external students and consists of several modules which can be combined.

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As more and more fellows are starting their projects at NaToxAq the international collaborations are starting to bloom. ESR9 Carina Schönsee has written a short news story from such a collaboration meeting.

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Advisory Board members have been selected

Toxin of the week

We are very honoured that the following 3 external experts have accepted to join the NaToxAq Advisory Board: Dr. Valeria Dulio, CEO Hans-Martin Friis Møller, and Dr. Jörg Stroka.

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All fellows and supervisors contribute in writing the weekly 'Toxin of the week'. The contributions will eventually grow into a "catalogue" of natural toxins on the NaToxAq website.

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