Newsletter October 2019

4th PhD School in NaToxAq in Leipzig was held in the begining of June. Read highlights from it and see the pictures.    

Please note the dates for the NaToxAq Conference 10th-12th June 2020 in Brno, Czech Republic. Keep an eye on the webpage which will be updated reguarly. See more here.

New Project Manager: Angelika  
As of 23rd of September, Angelika Rasmussen took over the project management of NaToxAq. Kristine sends her best and will help Angelika get into all of the assignments. See more

MassBank accessions
NaToxAq successfully uploaded several mass spectra of natural toxins to the European MassBank, and we are happy to share the data. Please have a look at Deliverable 6.15 (and it's appendix) for details and access to data. See more

Outreach in Girona
Hans Christian, Carina (ESR9) and Regiane (ESR10) will contribute with a talk each at the MSCA-ITN Cluster event "Clean water" in Girona. The aim of the event is to showcase the contribution of the projects to the relevant scientific fields, enhance synergies among projects, create/reinforce networking opportunities, and provide coordinated input to the relevant EU policy-making level. See more

NaToxAq on Swiss TV.
The Swiss TV channel SRF visited Eawag in September 2019 to report about cyanobacteria and their toxins in local lakes. Of course NaToxAq's PI Elisabeth (Lilli) Janssen and fellows Daria (ESR6) and Regiane (ESR10) were on the spot to offer our knowledge. See more

As a call for knowledge sharing we will revive the row of webinars. The concept is that 2-3 fellows or supervisors present new findings, methods reflections etc. We use the online platform Zoom. The next webinar will take place 15th of October from 3:00-4:00PM. Please contact Bjarne Strobel if you wish to participate.

Toxin of the week
Don't miss 'Toxin of the week' - this week about Gelsemine - from yellow jasmine and Arthur Conan Doyles' self-poisoning experience.
Take a closer look at the active ingredient’s chemistry and toxicology. The story is written by Daria Filatova (ESR6). See more 

New Publications:

Publications will be updated continously here

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Our homepage will advertise for many different events which are not all arranged by NaToxAq, but which have relevance for our project. See all events here. If you want your event added to our website, please contact us (see contacts below).

Remember to check out 'Toxin of the week' for new stories.



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