19 November 2020

The first PhD projects defended in NaToxAq

Phd defences

As the NaToxAq project is comming to an end, the first two PhD defences are succesfully completed. 

Jawameer's defence

Jawameer Hama was the first early stage researcher in the NaToxAq network, that finished and defended his PhD. The defence was held on Friday, October 30 2020 at 13:00. Jawameer's PhD is entitled ‘’Fate and analysis of natural alkaloids from plants in soil and surface water’’.

Due to Corona restrictions, the defence was held at Copenhagen University, Faculty of Science, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences digitally with limited physical presence.

The defence went well and Jawameer successfully passed with great remarks.

Vaidotas' defence

Just two weeks after, on November 12, Vaidotas Kisielius defended his Thesis entiled "Toxic secondary metabolites from plants: A new aspect of water quality". The defence was also held as a combination of limitied physical presence and digital presence. 

This defence was also a great succes and Vaidotas passed with great remarks.

Vaidotas' PhD defenceVaidotas defending his Thesis. 

If you are interested in Vaidotas' defence, it is available online here: https://video.kp.dk/media/Vaidotas+Kisielius+PhD+Defence+12NOV20/0_ksfjjsbm

The whole NaToxAq consortium wishes Jawameer and Vaidotas congratulation on the defence and fine results.