4 February 2020

New deadline - NaToxAq Confence

Call for abstract postponed:

New deadline February 20, 2020

We have already received a great deal of highly qualified abstracts for our NaToxAq conference on Natural Toxins: Environmental Fate and Safe Water Supply.

We want to ensure that as many as possible from related scientific fields will participate, which is why we have extended the deadline to February 20, 2020.

The conference provides a unique platform to present latest findings in plenum and develop new ideas among experts and young researchers, setting the direction for future research in this rapidly evolving field and help guide water legislation.

The topics of the conference are:

  • Emerging compounds and sources of natural toxins
  • Environmental and human exposure
  • Analytical methods to determine exposure
  • Sampling, monitoring and modelling approaches
  • Physicochemical properties, environmental distribution and fate
  • Toxicity to aquatic/terrestrial organisms and humans
  • Risk assessment and regulation
  • Removal/management of natural toxins
  • Future challenges: climate change effects, biopesticides, …

Preliminary program June 10-12, 2020:

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