23 September 2019

New Project Manager of NaToxAq

As of 23rd of September Angelika Lene Rasmussen will take over all the project managing in NaToxAq in close collaboration with Scientific Coordinator Prof. Hans Christian and Senior EU-Liaison Officer Karin Norris. The reason for this is that Kristine Kirkensgaard, who has been the project manager for NaToxAq until now, has been assigned to another large research project which is set to start 1st of October 2019.

In 2010 Angelika achieved a bachelor’s degree from UCPH within Danish Literature and Language and in 2012 a master degree within Communication also from UCPH. Earlier she has been working with study administration, study programs, introduction to new students etc. here at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN) at UCPH.

After her second maternity leave, she is up for new challenges, and is therefore very excited about being project manager of NaToxAq. Angelika is interested in project management because she likes to use her humanistic knowledge in a scientific field. As a project manager Angelika’s goal is to handle as much administrative tasks as possible, to make sure that the fellows and scientists have the most time for the scientific work. Angelika is always open to new ideas, input etc., and she is looking forward getting to know and collaborate with all from the NaToxAq network.

Kristine will stay connected to the project as mentor for Angelika, and both Angelika and Kristine will attend the final conference Natural Toxins: Environmental Fate and Safe Water Supply in Brno, Czech Republic, 10-12 June 2020.

Contact information: Angelika Lene Rasmussen, alr@plen.ku.dk, phone +45 35337058