27 November 2019

Our new published article selected as a hot article of the journal ’’ RSC Advances’’

Our new article published in journal RSC Advances, entitled ‘’Pyrrolizidine alkaloids quantified in soil and water using UPLC-MS/MS’’. The paper selected as hot article of the journal because it was among the most viewed/read articles and it has been very well received and handpicked by reviewers/editors.

The paper describes how the analytical method optimized to analyze pyrrolizidine alkaloids in environmental samples, and validated to analyze plant, soil and water from environment. Thus the concentration of pyrrolizidine alkaloids are reported in soil and water, for the first time.

To read the article: https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlepdf/2019/ra/c9ra05301h

The journal interviewed me about the article, here you can read the featured interview: https://blogs.rsc.org/ra/2019/11/11/rsc-advances-hot-articles-a-feature-interview-with-jawameer-r-hama/