26 November 2020

Closing time status

By Project coordinator, Hans Christian Bruun Hansen

Our NaToxAq ESRs and the consortium members have been working hard to round off experiments and papers from the huge number of studies we have been doing during the last 3 – 4 years (see NatoqAq's publication list). Great and highly interesting papers are being published and we can start to integrate the results and see patterns, and a first step was taken at the NaToxAq Conference. We have got to know many more and new natural toxins in natural waters thanks to intensive work with natural toxin prioritization, sample preparation and analytical work, and different monitoring strategies. We know more about toxin production, release, fate processes and transport, and first attempts to model natural toxin exposure are taken. We are getting insights into new ways of cyanotoxin exposure and on how we can remove natural toxins at water works, and the basis for risk assessment work is strongly improved.

A special issue in Environmental Sciences Europe will be out in start of 2021 – with a bunch of new results.