5 October 2017

1st PhD school - day 4 and 5

Course S2 and S3

The 26-27 September the courses S2 and S3 started and ran in parallel. We also had Work Package coordination and Supervisory Board meeting

The course S2 'Analytical chemistry for determination of natural toxins and metabolites' was organized by Marinella Farré from CSIC, and was tought by Marinella as well as Oscar Núñez, Bjarne Strobel, Thomas Bucheli, and Nikoline Nielsen, which are all from the NaToxAq network.

The course S3 'Sorption and degradation of natural toxins in sediment and water' was organizes by Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen om UCPH, and teachers included Hans Chr. as well as Elisabeth Janssen, Matthew MacLeod, Ludek Blaha, Thomas Bucheli, and Carmel Ramwell.

We had also invited Prof. Alistair Boxall from University of York who gave the presentation 'Sensing the city' to all participants.

In the afternoon of the 27th the Work Package (WP) leaders of WP2-5 teamed up with their fellows to coordinate information flow and who should do what etc. Late evening we had our Supervisory Board meeting. The Fellow network had selected two ESR representatives who also attended. These are Daniel Jorgensen and Barbara Kubíčková.