24 September 2017

1st PhD school - day 1


Finally we are all meeting each other and are having a great time at the 1st day of the NaToxAq PhD school

The fellows of NaToxAq arrived 23rd of September at Helsingør Ferieby where the 1st PhD school of NaToxAq is being arranged. The first day contained an introduction of everybody and to NaToxAq; the history behind the application, the overall goals, the different Work Packages etc.

It was a cozy day where we got to know each other, and the day included a small trip down to the beach which has a view of Kronborg Castle.

The evening included an exercise, which emphasized the importance of clear communication. The fellows where divided in three different roles as 'PhD students', 'supervisors', and 'co-workers'. There was no direct communication between supervisor and PhD student - only through the co-worker. The supervisor had a LEGO car (a project) which they wanted the PhD student to build, and explained their vision through the co-worker. So all details regarding where which brick should be positioned was passed through this person. All groups came up with different varieties of the car but not exactly, what the supervisor had in mind. Some had to rebuild after 2/3 of the time, indicating the importance of getting the foundation of the PhD planned well so you do not have to start all over after 2 years.