Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) is the highest level of decision-making in NaToxAq. The SB consists of one representative delegated from each of the network members, including all beneficiaries and partner organisations, and is headed by Coordinator Prof. Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen. In addition, two ESRs will be elected to the SB by their peers, to facilitate efficient communication between the ESRs and the management.

Each Beneficiary has a single vote, whereas Partner Organizations and ESRs are in legal terms ‘observers’ and thus do not have voting rights. However, input from Partner Organizations and ESRs is still very important and will be thoroughly considered.

The SB was established as of 1 October 2016, and consists of the following persons:
 B1: Prof. and Coordinator Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen
         + Assoc. Prof. Bjarne Strobel (UCPH, DK)
 B2: Dr. Werner Brack (UFZ, DE)
 B3: Dr. Klára Hilscherová (MU, CZ)
 B4: Dr. Marinella Farré (CSIC, ES)
 B5: Dr. Thomas Bucheli (WBF, CH)
 B6: Dr. Lars Holm Rasmussen (MUC, DK)
 B7: Dr. Elisabeth (Lilli) Janssen (EAWAG, CH)
 B8: Dr. Ann-Katrin Pedersen (HOFOR, DK)
 B9: Dr. Carmel Ramwell (Fera, UK)
 B10: Prof. Matthew MacLeod (SU, SE)
 P1: Dr. Florian Wagner (VEOLIA, DK)
 P2: Research hydrologist Dana W. Kolpin (USGS, USA)
 P3: Prof. Colin Brown (UY, UK)
 P4: Prof Óscar Núñez Burcio (UB, ES)
 P5: Dr. Michael Rodamer (AT, DE)
 P6: Water Quality Specialist Anne Esbjørn (AT, DK)
 P7: Dr. Juergen F. Kolb (LIPS, DE)
 P8: Manager John Haley (YW, UK)
 P9: Dr. Rolf Stettler (SGS, CH)
 P10: Dr. Mª Rosa Boleda (AB, ES)
 P11: Prof. Kristopher McNeill (ETH, CH)
 + 2 representatives of the ESRs (selected by the ESRs)

More participants are welcome at the SB meetings (from both Beneficiaries, Partner Organizations and ESRs), but are then not officially a part of the SB.