Fellow Network

The Fellow Network (FN) is a forum of all 15 ESRs for networking and coordination of training experiences among peers. Development of an additional communications forum for ideas, inspiration, discussions, and connecting ESRs cross sectors to facilitate sharing of knowledge and priorities between partners. Tools, skills and training activities are discussed and communicated as well as feedback, and continuous development of the training and research quality between the many partners in the program. The Fellow Network will play an active role in fine-tuning the detailed content of the complimentary skills courses and the pre- and post-course activities, and the design of the career-planning track in the programme.

The Fellow Network is also an alumni group and plays a role for the social interlinking between ESRs cross Europe, smoothening integration in relation to secondment exchange and all the details important to make exchange beneficial and successful. The FN provides an ESR forum and elects two ESRs as members of the Supervisory Board.