ASLO 2018 Summer meeting – University of Copenhagen

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ASLO 2018 Summer meeting

Water connects everything and everyone! Water transcends and connects all spheres: the lithosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere – from fresh to salty, from microscopic to macroscopic. Water connects us to each other and to resources – across cultures and society, across politics and international boundaries. However, these elements are too frequently studied in isolation. This meeting will encourage you to bring your knowledge, curiosity, and creativity to connect with each other and to share your passion for water!

There will be three Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) sessions at the upcoming 2018 ASLO summer meeting in Victoria, British Columbia:

  1. Crossing disciplinary boundaries across the freshwater-marine continuum to advance the understanding of HABs, 
  2. Cyanobacterial and algal metabolites: occurrence, ecology, prediction, and management, and 
  3. Cyanobacterial ecology as a basis for their mitigation and control under global change.

The first session will focus on broad HAB research and management solutions, whereas the second session will focus specifically on cyanobacterial and algal metabolites.  The third session will focus on aspects of cyanobacterial ecology in relation to environmental change and bloom management. Session abstracts are located at

Abstracts are due 16-Feb-2018; registration can be completed at under the registration pull-down menu.