13th Annual DWF Water Research – University of Copenhagen

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13th Annual DWF Water Research

DWF has sent out the first announcement for the annual water research conference to be held on 31 January on Copenhagen University.

Call for abstracts within the areas of:

  • Groundwater, geophysics and modelling
  • Water resources management
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Water use and reuse
  • Wastewater
  • Water pollution and emerging contaminants
  • Stormwater management
  • Water governance and pricing
  • Water, drought, climate change, and adaptation
  • Digitalization, data analysis and modelling

Abstract guideline: on DWF’s web www.danishwaterforum.dk .
Deadline for Abstracts 1. Dec. 2018.
Send abstract to; dwf@danishwaterforum.dk  Subject Title: ABSTRACT + Name
Two prices are offered for the best innovative ground-breaking research.
If you are a student, this might have your interest: DWF Tech Challenge 2019: The company AVK (www.avk.com) has a challenge to find better ways to work with valves in the future and AVK invites students to come up with innovative solutions for future intelligent gate-valves. Prices are offered for the 3 best solutions and the winners will be announce at the DWF Conference.  Read more about the challenge from 1. November 2018 on DWF’s web.

For more information see the 2nd announcement flyer