Conference Dinner with the opportunity to visit the Mendel Museum – June 11, 2020

Registration required, fee: 30 €

The conference dinner will be hosted in the Augustinian Abbey.

It is a historically significant place for modern science, as Johann Gregor Mendel discovered the rules of heredity here and laid the cornerstone for modern genetics.

This was long thought as something inevitable and omnipresent, but after some time, other scientists independently confirmed Mendel’s findings and genetics were scientifically recognized. Similarly, NaToxAq project is on its own journey of pioneering scientific discovery, investigating the uncharted field of natural toxins and its potential risk to drinking water, making it a fitting venue for the conference dinner.

The venue gives the opportunity to enjoy a summer evening outside, while also allowing for indoor festivities if the weather is less friendly. As well as the conference dinner, there will be opportunities to visit the Mendel museum exhibitions and plunge into the history of the scientist and Augustinian friar. (A guided tour at the Mendel museum is included in the Gala Dinner registration fee, but needs to be indicated beforehand for our planning).

The Augustinian Abbey. Source 

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