Complementary Skills Course - Project Leadership

Registration required, fee: 30 €

Project leadership for young researchers

Being a young researcher requires leadership skills, in addition to the traditional project management skills. At this 1-day course we will discuss project ownership; how you can evolve from a project manager to become a leader of your own research agenda. This is of course not something that can be accomplished in one day, but here we will elaborate on the leadership topic. Furthermore, we will include some practical tools for your daily project leadership and management that will give you the first stepping-stones for research advancement.

NaToxAq Early Stage Researchers during complementary skills training. Photo: Kristine Groth-Kirkensgaard

The course will be held by Senior Associate Lecturer, Dr. Lars Holm Rasmussen (University College Copenhagen, ). He is responsible for the complementary skills training of the NaToxAq fellows. The capacity for the course is limited to 30 attendees – be quick to secure your spot!

Contact ESR14 Barbara Kubíčková ( for further information. You register for the course when registration for the hole conference.