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Who is involved?

The NaToxAq Consortium includes 10 Beneficiaries and 12 Partner Organizations listed below. See also which ESRs and which Consortium Members are involved in the project.


B1 – University of Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Department: Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Scientist-in-Charge Prof. Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen

For more information see www.plen.ku.dk

B2 – Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ

Country: Germany

Department: Effect-Directed Analysis

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Werner Brack

For more information see www.ufz.de

B3 – Masaryk University

Country: Czech Republic

Department: Research Center for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECTOX)

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Klára Hilscherová

For more information see www.recetox.muni.cz

B4 – Chemical and Environmental Research Institute of Barcelona

Country: Spain

Department: Dept. of Environmental Chemistry, Water and Soil Quality and Food Safety Research

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Marinella Farré

For more information see www.idaea.csic.es

B5 – Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research

Country: Switzerland

Department: Agroscope, Institute for Sustainability Sciences

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Thomas Bucheli

For more information see www.agroscope.admin.ch

B6 – University College Copenhagen (former Metropolitan University College, MUC):

Country: Denmark

Department: Department of Technology

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Lars Holm Rasmussen

For more information see https://ucc.dk/international

B7 – Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

Country: Switzerland

Department: Environmental Chemistry Department

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Elisabeth ML Janssen

For more information see www.eawag.ch

B8 – Greater Copenhagen Utility - HOFOR AS

Country: Denmark

Department: Water Quality department

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Ann-Katrin Pedersen

For more information see www.hofor.dk

B9 – Fera Science Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Department: Centre for Chemical Safety and Stewardship

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Carmel Ramwell

For more information see www.fera.co.uk

B10 – Stockholm University

Country: Sweden

Department: Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry

Scientist-in-Charge Prof. Matthew MacLeod

For more information see www.aces.su.se

Partner Organizations

P01 – Veolia Water Technologies

Country: Denmark and Greenland

Department: Krüger A/S

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Florian B. Wagner

For more information see www.kruger.dk/en/

P02 – U.S. Geological Survey

Country: State of Iowa, USA

Department: Environmental Health Mission Area

Scientist-in-Charge Research hydrologist Dana W. Kolpin

For more information see www2.usgs.gov/envirohealth/

P03 – University of York

Country: United Kingdom

Department: Environment Department

Scientist-in-Charge Prof. Colin Brown

For more information see www.york.ac.uk/environment/

P04 – University of Barcelona

Country: Spain

Department: Dept. Analytical Chemistry

Scientist-in-Charge Prof. Óscar Núñez Burcio

For more information see www.ub.edu/dqa/

P05 – Agilent Technologies

Country: Germany

Department: Agilent Technologies Deutschland

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Michael Rodamer

For more information see www.agilent.com/home

P06 – VCS Denmark Ltd

Country: Denmark

Department: Department of Water Supply

Scientist-in-Charge Water Quality Specialist Anne Esbjørn

For more information see www.vcsdenmark.com/

P07 – Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology

Country: Germany

Department: Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology

Scientist-in-Charge Dr.Juergen F. Kolb

For more information see www.inp-greifswald.de/en/

P08 – Yorkshire Water

Country: United Kingdom

Department: Water Quality Strategy Team

Scientist-in-Charge Manager John Haley

For more information see www.yorkshirewater.com/

P09 – St. Galler Stadtwerke

Country: Switzerland

Department: Netz Gas und Wasser; Qualitätssicherung

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Rolf Stettler

For more information see www.sgsw.ch/

P10 – Aigües de Barcelona

Country: Spain

Department: Organic Chemistry Department

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Maria Rosa Boleda

For more information see www.aiguesdebarcelona.cat/

P11 – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Country: Switzerland

Department: Dept. of Environmental Systems Science

Scientist-in-Charge Prof. Kristopher McNeill

For more information see www.usys.ethz.ch/en

P12 – RWTH Aachen University

Country: Germany

Scientist-in-Charge Dr. Werner Brack

For more information see www.rwth-aachen.de