About NaToxAq


Clean drinking water is crucial to human health and wellbeing. The ambition of the NaToxAq ETN network is to expand the research basis for EU’s leading role in securing high quality drinking waters for its citizens. Focus is on natural toxins – a large group of emerging contaminants with unknown impact on drinking water resources. Both known toxins, like cyanotoxins, cyanogenic glucosides and terpenes and not yet explored toxins will be investigated. See more here.


Bracken. From the Flora Danica collection


NaToxAq will train 15 PhD fellows (Early Stage Researchers), and provides a unique opportunity for young researchers to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to pioneer the field by investigating natural toxin emission via water reservoirs to water works and consumers. 

All fellows will complete a comprehensive personalised career development programme, with targeted training measures and participate in a range of network events. Fellows will benefit from interdisciplinary cooperation and interaction within the network, providing them with the best preparation for a successful career in either academia or industry. See more under training.

Who is involved?

The NaToxAq network brings together 22 major research groups from leading universities, research institutes and water enterprises, constituting a highly innovative and multidisciplinary consortium from 7 European countries and USA. See more.