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ESR6 Daria Filatova

Project: Origin and release of cyanotoxins in surface water reservoirs

Principal supervisor: Dr. Marinella Farré

Intro to project:

Cyanobacteria, which is also known as blue-green algae, are photosynthetic bacteria. They are spread globally in different aquatic environments such as lakes, rivers, brackish waters and ponds. Under supportive conditions, cyanobacteria are able to produce secondary metabolites (cyanotoxins), which can lead to Harmful Algal Blooms. Cyanotoxins have different structures. Harmful properties can be divided in three main families: hepatotoxins, neurotoxins and cytotoxins. The most well-known and widespread family of cyanotoxins is microcystins. They are cyclic heptapeptide with two amino acids bringing about 100 congeners noted to date. Cylindrospermopsin is an alkaloid compound demonstrating cytotoxic, neurotoxic and hepatotoxic effects. Anatoxin-a is also an alkaloid with neurotoxic impact. This project aims to develop a LC-HRMS method for targeted analysis of cyanotoxins, which are spreaded in European region. Additionally, we plan to study levels of cyanotoxins in different countries and their seasonal variations.