ESR1 Inés Rodríguez Leal – University of Copenhagen

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ESR1 Inés Rodríguez Leal

Project: In silico approaches for the identification of natural toxins relevant to water quality

Principal supervisor: Prof. Matthew Macleod

Intro to project: 

Natural toxins constitute a potential risk to water supplies in Europe. Only a few systematic risk assessments of individual natural toxins have been conducted in Europe. There is a need to update these risk assessments to reflect possible effects of climate change, especially changes in the distribution of agricultural plants throughout the continent and increasing prevalence of monoculture farming. Furthermore, screening-level assessment of many natural toxins that have been identified but not fully assessed is needed. This project aims to develop methods to prioritize natural toxins in water, mainly through the study of physico-chemical properties using QSAR methods, and environmental modeling. We envisage that the outcomes of our approach will be useful to guide more detailed toxicity testing and property measurements, and the development of monitoring programs and regulations to ensure safe drinking water in Europe.